Meet the Maker

Ruthie Tesfaye, Owner of Studio Tesfaye 

Hey! I'm Ruthie - the person behind Studio Tesfaye. My love affair with earrings began early in life (i'm talking infancy people)! Unfortunately, for me this love affair grew unrequited as I grew older and developed a keloid behind my left earlobe. For many years, I went without wearing earrings and it truly pained my soul.

A couple of surgeries later, I was keloid-free but could not pierce my ears again. This meant I was left to the rather drab world of clip on earrings—or so I thought. I, luckily, discovered the fabulous world of vintage clip-on earrings and lowkey felt like a part of me was restored. I was so enamored by these pieces and started wearing them to everything, even if the occasion didn't call for fancy earrings. 

Looking for even more variety in my earring game, I began to create my own earrings and have always toyed with the idea of having my own handmade earring line. In Nov 2020, I finally took a leap of faith and established Studio Tesfaye. I would describe my style as modern eclectic - combining various textures, colors and shapes to create statement pieces that are both funky and functional to be enjoyed—not just on special occasions—but everyday. Please enjoy my shop!